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Dies ist die Geschichte meines Lebens. Ich lasse euch daran teilhaben, damit sie
nicht vergessen geht. Wer dies liest und damit Teil davon wird, darf sich in meinem
Buch für Gäste
eintragen und seinen Teil der Story niederschreiben.

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Meine Lieblingsbands+Lieblingssongs

-Bullet for my Valentine:10 years today

-My Chemical Romance

-Rise Against

-AFI:mag vorallem die alben Love like winter und sing the sorrow

-Atreyu:her portrait is black, bleeding mascara, lip gloss and black, Tulips are better

-30 Seconds to Mars: a modern myth, a beautiful lie, capricorn, oblivoin, the story, what it adream

-Sick Puppies:all the same, my world, Pitiful, aloone

-Beatsteaks:she was great, cutt of the top, soljanka, e-g-o, jane became insane, sharp, cool and collected

-Incubus: drive, here in my room, i wish you where here, love hurts, nice to know you, dig

-Fall Out Boys: dance,dance,


-Boysetsfire:in hope, last years nest, high wire escape artist, loser of the year award, my life in a knife trade, release the dogs, requim, rookie

-KoRn: Counting on me, play me, word up!

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